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Case Studies
Lisa had a three-year-old computer that she decided to sell.
Tom was a computer novice and planning to give his old computer to his friend.
Mark had a 10-year-old desktop computer and wanted to recycle it securely.
Carol was a heavy user and had 5 PCs at home.
Dave was an MIS Manager at ABC Company.
Lisa D. selected DiskDeleter Download version
Lisa had a three-year-old computer that she decided to upgrade. After noticing a good deal in the local paper for a new computer she decided to sell the old one instead. But before she could do that she faced a dilemma: what to do with all her personal information on the hard drive?
She knew that even if she deleted it all, someone could still bring it back and for erasing it permanently, she would need to overwrite data three times. Concerned with the possibility of identity theft she searched on the web for a solution, but all the products looked the same and she could not make up her mind. After a friend suggested her to download DiskDeleter from www.bluestsoft.com, she tried it and figured out that how easily she could make it work, just double clicking the program. She decided to follow her friend's suggestion and easily cleared her whole drive.
Lisa now owns a new computer and a piece of mind that no one will ever be able to bring the data back on the one she sold.“With DiskDeleter there is no need to burn a CD or making a floppy. With a couple of simple instructions I could delete the drive, verify its content with before and after snapshots, and sell my computer with a piece of mind.”
Tom W. purchased DiskDeleter ZW
Tom was a computer novice. He bought a new computer and was thinking about giving his old computer to his friend. When Tom spoke with his friend about it, she suggested he erase the data on the computer, but not spend too much time or money on it.
Tom understood that for erasing data permanently he would need to use DiskDeleter, but knowing that the data on the computer was not very important to him, he wanted to just run a routine that would clear the drive. DiskDeleter offered him two options. One was to do a full delete, which required DiskDeleter to overwrite the data more than thrice. The other option and the most economical one were to overwrite it once. Tom understood that for erasing data permanently, it is important to overwrite data three times, but he also understood that by overwriting data even one time, it is impossible to recover the data by any data recovery software products.
As Tom was a computer beginner, he used the computer mostly for Email and Internet. He had Email data, his friends’ addresses, Internet data, etc., and did not have critical information such as credit card, bank account, etc. Besides, he would give the computer to his friend, not to a complete stranger. When weighed the risk, he felt confident that to delete the data he could get by erasing it only ones. Tom chose DiskDeleter ZW, which cost just $9.95.
Mark K. chose DiskDeleter Floppy version
Mark had a 10-year-old desktop computer and wanted to recycle it securely.  When he was thinking about throwing it away, his friend Kevin who is computer savvy said to him, “Mark, you’ve got to think about your personal data stored in this old computer. You may feel that it is garbage, but you never know if someone could use it against you. You should remove the hard drive and break it in pieces or use software, which deletes hard drive data” Mark did not want to bother with the hardware, so he decided to buy the software.
When he was going through the data on the computer he realized that he had hidden files on it that he forgot about and definitely wanted gone. Upon Kevin’s recommendation, Mark decided to use DiskDeleter. In the DiskDeleter product line, Mark found three options, DiskDeleter Download, DiskDeleter CD, and DiskDeleter Floppy that supported DOD 5220.22-M (US Department of Defense standards). Mark’s old computer had a floppy device, so he finally decided to buy DiskDeleter Floppy, which cost $19.95
Carol I. bought DiskDeleter Download version
Carol was a heavy user and had five PCs at home. She wanted to donate one of them. Carol knew what she should do before donating her PC, so she bought DiskDeleter Download version, which cost $39.95. The reason why she did not choose DiskDeleter CD or Floppy version was because she did not want to burn a CD or create a Floppy and also Download version came with CD and Floppy versions anyway.
Carol ordered DiskDeleter and downloaded it to the PC. She double clicked the execution file and followed simple instructions to erase her PC’s data securely. Then she sent the PC to NPO.
After a while, Carol also wanted to improve the performance of one of her other PCs. The PC's performance became significantly slower over time and it seemed infected with a virus or spyware. The DiskDeleter license allowed her to use DiskDeleter on multiple PCs she owned, so Carol decided to erase the PC’s data and to start over. She unfortunately forgot where she saved DiskDeleter, but that was not a problem since when she purchased DiskDeleter she automatically received a one year subscription to the DiskDeleter website and could download it again if she needed it; she erased the PC's data, reinstalled Windows XP and restored the its performance.
Dave H. chose a Site License
Dave was an MIS manager at ABC Company.
His boss told him to erase all data when any one user would change computers. His company had 500 computers and he was wondering how he could do this efficiently. After doing some research, Dave found DiskDeleter.
There were two important points for him to consider in choosing a product. One was "ease of use" and the other was "easy access". Regarding "ease of use", he didn’t want to train employees on character-based products. In that respect, DiskDeleter had an intuitive wizard interface and minimum training was required to educate the user. About "easy access", since DiskDeleter supported Client/Server environment, Dave could store DiskDeleter on his company's server and it could be accessed from any client computers with access to the file just by double clicking an icon. His company also had computers that were not connected to a LAN, but since DiskDeleter package came with a Floppy and CD versions, he had no problems with those either.
Dave found the right product, but he still had another concern. The company had multiple offices and there was a possibility that he had to take care of more computers than just the ones at his location. He contacted BluestSoft sales and decided to select a Site License that provided unlimited use capability.
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